So why scary fish people?

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This is my first post.  So i figured i’d tell you people why i would name such a distinguished blog (yeah, right) Scaryfishpeople447.  Well…

That is why.

If you want to see more people looking totally stoned, click here.


Joe The Plumber

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     So, for anyone who watched the 10/15 presidential debate, you probably know who Joe The Plumber is.  Apparently, Joe The Plumber works 10-12 hours a day and wants to purchase the small plumbing business he works for.  When he talked to Obama, Obama mentioned something about “spreading the wealth.”  which in Republican terms, apparently means raising taxes on small businesses.  Who cares that Obama excludes small businesses from his plan to raise taxes on people making more than $250,000?  Apparently not the smirking maverick who walks like a mannequin.

     My friend supports McCain.  He says Obama isn’t expierienced.  So I asked him how old Obama was.  “28”
was his answer.  I replied with a 48 (I know know that he’s 46; he will be 47 when/if he takes office), but it gets my point across.  It’s scary the lies being thrown about.  I guess he was absent when we learned that you have to be at least 35 to run for office.

     Education.  I’m not going to spend much time on this ’cause I have to go eat dinner.  But at approx. 1:20 into the debate, McCain mentioned a program called Troops to Teachers, which, and I quote, “Where people after having served in the military can go right to teaching and not have to take these examinations which, or have the certification that are required in some states.”  If you don’t believe me, skip to 1:18:38 in this video.  Now i’m scared.

    And one last thing.  Did anyone notice how McCain wore a blue tie and Obama wore a red one? :]


               With Much Concern,

                           Mike Superduperman  


Favorite Bands/Artists

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I have alot of music i like to listen to.  So to have a record (haha) available to the public, I will attemp to make a list. Ok, here it goes (in no order whatsoever):

Green Day (older stuff)
Jaco Pastorious
Stanley Clark
Victor Wooten
Marcus Miller
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Aretha Franklin
Stevie Wonder
Ella Fitzgerald
Eric Clapton
Guns N’ Roses
Rage Against The Machine
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Bootsy Collins
Derek & The Dominoes
Foo Fighters
Pearl Jam
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin
Widespread Panic
Mark Knopfler
Linkin Park
The Beastie Boys
Nine Inch Nails
Smashing Pumpkins

Although there is more than that, this should be a good starting list till my brain starts to turn on.  I will update this list whenever I get the time, so hopefully it will be growing constantly.

till next time,

     Mike Superduperman

I just had to post it.

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I especially like the Palin one.

Mosh Girl

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There is an uprising of scary moshing girls who scare the crap out of guys and are getting their own photoshopped images. They are fat, ugly, and quite repulsive. Hey, this is scary fish people you’re dealing with. Need i say more?

Apparently Mosh Girl doesnt like foreigners

Apparently mosh girl doesn't like foreigners

She would beast in the new Soul Caliber

She would beast in the new Soul Caliber

Need i say more?

Anger management issues

insert retard noises mosh girl breakdance /insert retard noises

<insert retard noises> mosh girl breakdance </insert retard noises>